I am excited by the thought of true love... the kind that you can see in the eyes of each bride and groom. I am a romantic at heart and I cherish the thought of happily ever after... I adore beautiful, pretty, romantic things. My heart delights in the beauty of life and I feel that keenly on a wedding day executed to perfection. In my eyes, every bride is beautiful and deserves to feel that, especially on her wedding day.  

I take great joy in inspirational  photography, the kind that captures the special moments that will be remembered for generations.  I get excited about designing a visually stunning setting that evokes sentiment and nostalgia. Designing events, especially weddings is second nature. It is in every fiber of my being. I see weddings as a day for love to shine through all the obstacles of life that have brought each couple to this point. . .this day.. It is a story waiting to be celebrated and remembered. 

What do you get when you pair interior design concepts with a gorgeously rustic venue? A match made in heaven. . . and a recipe for amazing event design executed to beautiful perfection. At least that's the mantra behind our bespoke wedding services.

With years of combined design and event styling experience, I bring my passion for creative design, culinary innovation and floral artistry to each event I orchestrate, creating events tailored to fit the personal tastes and style of each couple. I believe that the little details make all the difference in achieving a design that truly reflects individuals and couples. This passion for design and all things beautiful stemmed from both my parents. . .my father, a furniture maker and true artisan and my mother, a floral designer who instilled a love for beauty within my young soul.