As I sat in the garden and walked the grounds over the last few weeks I marveled at the changes around me. . .color, light, air, fragrance, shadow, texture and a hundred other things. And that led me to some important decisions. . . I want to transform the grounds into a true growers paradise.

One where I can grow and utilize flowers and foliage from our own gardens for wedding design. I love to think outside the box when it comes to all design, and this definitely includes florals. I like to incorporate organic materials, even using fruits and vegetation, succulents and seeds to create truly remarkable and unique arrangements. I love to integrate edible arrangements into table decor, drawing upon the bounty of nature and highlighting it as table centerpieces.

Not only do I have plans to expand the scope of our flora, but I foresee changes in the landscape design, color schemes and layout. I wish I could complete all the projects I would like to right away, but these things take time and patience, just like waiting for next seasons blooms. . .