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created here at Bellaflora Farms begins in the garden. We carefully curate some of the most exquisite blooms, crafting them into lush, organic, and romantic arrangements. We specialize in  flower varieties that are prized for their fragrance and ephemeral qualities. There is nothing quite like the beauty and intoxicating fragrance of flowers picked at their prime such as ruffly garden roses, billowy peonies and delicate tendrils of arching vines.

With  acres of gorgeous flowers, foliage, blooming vines and fruiting branches we are able to create beautiful floral designs that reflect your individual personality, your event’s unique aesthetic and the best of what is blooming on your wedding day.

Seasonal, locally-sourced, natural elements are incorporated in all our wedding designs. We love the creative process of selecting fresh cut flowers from our gardens and designing them into one-of-a-kind works of art that reflect the vision of our clients. We can also source any blooms we may not have readily available to create just the bouquet or arrangement you're dreaming of.

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