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50% of the total is due at this time. The remaining balance and refundable $500 liability deposit will be due 6 months before your event. *Full payment + Liability Deposit is required if booking within 6 months of event date.
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VENUE RESERVATION POLICIES 1. A 50% deposit is required to book rental of the venue. This non-refundable booking fee serves as a hold for the contracted date and is deducted from the final invoice. 2. A refundable $500 cleaning/liability deposit is required. 3. Wedding Rehearsals may be booked on a weekday at a rate of $200 per hour + a $200 non-refundable cleaning fee if hosting a Rehearsal Dinner. Event insurance must be added to this date as well as wedding date. 4. Catering and bartending service may be arranged by renter for approved vendors or can be coordinated through Bellaflora Farms with prices starting at $28 per person for food only or $45+ per person which includes dishware, glassware, flatware, and standard linens. 5. A $100 re-set fee applies to requests for Bellaflora Farms to change the layout of any of the furnishings, props or equipment within 48 hours of an event, this does not include labor costs. 6. Full payment is required 6 months prior to the event date. 7. All fees are non-refundable with the exception of the Liability Deposit. No refunds will be given for cancellations. 8. Refunds will not be made due to bad weather, or circumstances beyond our control. These may include, but are not limited to: fire, flood, electrical outage, earthquake, electrical storm, evacuation, unavailability of adequate indoor facilities, vendor incompetence, or other natural disasters. Additionally, refunds will not be made due to illness, injury, disability or demise. 9. Should the original contracted date be cancelled and rescheduled for a new date within the same year, a fee of 50% of the venue reservation price will be assessed and a signed addendum will be required. If the date is rescheduled for the following year, the deposit is forfeited and a new reservation will be required. 10. Venue rental is for a single day, from Noon-10pm. Additional days may be reserved at the current base rate. 11. The overtime charge is $200 per hour, or fraction thereof, where guests/renters remain on the premises beyond their scheduled time. 12. Music may be played until 9:45pm. 13. Guests are to depart the premises by 10:00 pm. 14. Cleanup is to be completed by 10:00 pm. 15. The client assumes full responsibility for any theft, damage, or loss to the facilities, grounds, and rental property including any caused by any guests or vendor contracted by the client or on the client’s behalf to be on the premises. 16. The liability deposit will be forfeited in its entirety in the event of necessary clean-up, damage to Bellaflora Farms property, facilities or equipment, theft of property or if any policies and procedures are not adhered to, which include, but are not limited to: broken glass, human excrement, animal waste, unauthorized animals, violation of alcohol policy, violation of non-smoking policy, or in the event that additional trash removal is required from grounds and/or parking lot. We may also charge for Groom’s cabin clean-up, Bridal Suite clean-up (including soiled linens, towels, upholstery, etc), and cigarette butts (violating our NO SMOKING policy). If the damages or clean-up exceed $500, the client will be charged for the additional amount on the credit card provided. 17. The client assumes full liability for the service of alcohol. Self service of alcohol is not permitted. A minimum of 2 licensed bartenders must serve all alcohol. 18. Alcohol consumption is limited to a 5-hour window of service and can include champagne, wine, beer and a his & hers signature cocktail. Cocktails may be served for the first two hours of bar service. Alcohol service will end a minimum of 30 minutes prior to the scheduled ending time of the event. 19. Alcohol consumption is not allowed on the front lawn or parking lot. No under age drinking is allowed. This includes the bride and groom. Guests are not allowed to bring alcohol onto the premises. Open containers must be removed ONLY by catering staff or renters. If being removed by renters, all remaining alcohol must be secured in a locked car at the termination of bar service. Bellaflora Farms reserves the right to terminate alcohol consumption should problems be observed. 20. Platinum Entertainment is the approved DJ for this venue. Unamplified instruments are also allowed. However, music containing explicit lyrics is NOT permitted. 21. The client assumes full responsibility for the contracted entertainers. All entertainment, activities, vehicles and equipment must be approved by Bellaflora Farms prior to event. Bellaflora Farms reserves the right to prohibit any entertainment, activity, vehicle or equipment it deems necessary without notice. 22. Bellaflora Farms is not responsible for any items or equipment not belonging to the venue set up in advance of the event or left unattended. All equipment must be removed from the premises at the end of the event. Items left will incur a storage fee of $500 per day. 23. No nails or screws are to be driven into any of the outbuildings, trees, gazebo, trellis, or any of Bellaflora Farms property. 24. Candles are permitted in glass containers unless left unlit or are electric. 25. All decorations, flowers, etc. must be removed by the close of the event. This includes picking up and discarding flower petals, sparklers, trash, etc. (Waived if Bellaflora Farms is providing this service) 26. Venue access is allowed only during the rented time frame and when permitted by prior consent of Bellaflora Farms for rehearsal and photo shoots, both of which require a scheduled appointment. 27. Bellaflora Farms is not responsible for items delivered to the facility by renters. Prior arrangements and approval are necessary for items delivered or picked up on any day other than scheduled event date. In the event that items are left at the grounds/facilities of Bellaflora Farms on any day other than your scheduled wedding date, a storage fee of $500 per day will incur. This includes unauthorized delivery or storage of items, items or garbage left in the brides or grooms dressing rooms as well as cars left on the premises without consent. 28. Use of rental items such as props, inventory etc. belonging to Bellaflora Farms constitutes a rental and will be billed as such, including day-of-event use even if a prior rental agreement is not in place. All rentals, whether the property of Bellaflora Farms or otherwise, require approval from and coordination by Bellaflora Farms. 29. The client assumes responsibility for the behavior of all guests in attendance. Bellaflora Farms reserves the right to ask any person or persons to leave the premises for lewd or indecent actions, fighting, intoxication, loud or abusive language, or other offensive conduct. Bellaflora Farms reserves the right to terminate any event, regardless of the amount of time venue is used, as it deems necessary. 30. Bellaflora Farms shall not be held liable for accidents or injuries that may occur to persons attending the event. Guests using the tree swings, walking over the bridge and along creek area or surrounding grounds do so at their own risk and agree to hold harmless and indemnify Mill Creek Gardens Events LLC and its associates. 31. Bellaflora Farms shall not be held responsible for any injuries suffered due to the use of alcoholic beverages. Renters accept and assume sole responsibility for offering alcohol to guests of their event and accept and assume sole responsibility for any accident or incident relating to alcohol consumption. 32. The client assumes responsibility for all damages, costs, and expenses to the facilities, property, grounds and gardens of Bellaflora Farms during the use of the venue. This includes any theft from vehicles while parked on the premises. The client(s) furthermore accept and agree to be held financially liable for loss and/or damages incurred. 33. The applicant will provide to Bellaflora Farms, at least 90 days prior to event date, a Certificate of Event Insurance with a policy limit of at least $500,000 naming our parent company, Mill Creek Gardens Events LLC, as an “additional insured”. (May be purchased at for approx. $150 or can be added to a homeowner’s insurance policy as a “rider”.) 34. Children of all ages must be supervised at all times and cannot be left unattended. Children are not allowed: (1) in the creek; (2) to throw rocks into the creek; (3) or to climb trees or fences. 35. Bare feet are not advised on the premises. Persons wishing to ignore this warning do so at their own risk. Shoes should be worn at all times. 36. An animal belonging to the bride and groom is permitted as part of the ceremony pending direct written approval by the owners of Bellaflora Farms with the specific assignment of responsibility for the pet to the individual named here ___________________________________by the bride and groom. Guests are not allowed to bring animals with the exception of service animals for the visually or hearing impaired to which the same responsibilities apply. If for any reason these animals become a nuisance or danger to other guests or property, removal of animal from the grounds will be required. 37. Fireworks are not permitted except for sparklers provided by Bellaflora Farms. After sparklers have been fully extinguished, they must be disposed of in the proper receptacles by guests. 38. All items, décor, personal belongings, food, and beverages brought onto the premises must be removed at the close of the event by renters or designee. The client is responsible for cleaning up any items or other material brought onto the premises by any party other than Bellaflora Farms. This includes delivery, set up, take down, and return. Failure to do so by close of the event will incur additional charges. 39. Smoking is NOT allowed on the premises. 40. Rice, birdseed, confetti, glitter or similar items may not be thrown. Petals are allowed, but must be picked up at the end of event to avoid forfeiture of liability deposit. 41. Any drug or controlled substance use or possession on Bellaflora Farms property will incur a fine equal to the maximum possible penalty. The client agrees to comply with all state and county laws, regulations and ordinances. 42. Photos taken prior to or during the event may be used for display and/or publicity purposes by Bellaflora Farms and its affiliates. TERMS & CONDITIONS By agreeing to the following terms and conditions the undersigned (applicants) hereby acknowledge to have read, understood, accepted and agreed to all the terms, conditions, and policies concerning the rental and use of Bellaflora Farms. The applicants also certify that the information given herein is correct. The applicants further state that he/she has the authority to enter into this agreement for the applicant or organization; agrees that the applicant or organization will observe all applicable rules and policies while using Bellaflora Farms and will use the utmost care in the use of Bellaflora Farms premises and property. The applicants assume full responsibility for the actions of all guests. Bellaflora Farms reserves the right to terminate any event early at their sole discretion as it deems necessary and without monetary compensation. The applicants agree to assume full responsibility and all liability for the above described event and to indemnify and hold harmless Mill Creek Gardens Events LLC and its affiliates from any and all claims for bodily injury or property damages that may arise out of or in connection with the use of Bellaflora Farms. Further, the applicants will provide to Bellaflora Farms, at least 90 days prior to event date, a Certificate of Event Insurance with a policy limit of at least $500,000 naming Mill Creek Gardens Events LLC as an “additional insured”. In the event that the renters do not provide payments, deposits or proof of liability insurance, their scheduled event may be cancelled without refund. Bellaflora Farms reserves the right to make changes to policies, procedures or pricing without notice as deemed necessary. Bellaflora Farms reserves the right to make substitutions or changes to services, products, and offerings at any time. If it is determined that security is required at your event due to unruly behavior, renters will be charged for the fees incurred. Bellaflora Farms furthermore reserves the right to cancel any event for any reason. Terms and conditions subject to change without notice. This agreement is not transferable.